Image shown: 101 Visions of the Future. L-R Some of the participating students from Cork Dental School and Hospital; Mary Clancy

At a time of great political, social and environmental change it seems appropriate to ask the question ‘How do you see the Future?’ Students from Cork University Dental School and Hospital were invited to reply to this question with a two-minute sketch as part of the 101 Visions of the Future art project.

One hundred and one students (aged 18 to 30, a multicultural millennial generation) submitted their quick drawings.

Many sketches are representational with a strong narrative; others are abstract images of the future. Universal themes of family, relationships
and love emerge. The uncertain journey into the future and decisions to be made en route, found resonance with many contributors. Global concerns of politics, conflict, technological influences and environmental issues feature in many of the sketches. This work reveals how we share many of the same hopes and aspirations, fears and anxieties, even though they may sometimes go unspoken.

The sketches formed part of an exhibition at Cork University Hospital in 2017.

Mary Clancy curated 101 Visions of the Future. Mary is a dentist, teaching restorative dentistry to students at Cork University Dental School and Hospital. She teaches Critical Thinking through Visual Art to improve accurate observational skills and communication in dental practice. She is also a fine art graduate from the Crawford College of Art and Design and specialises in painting. For more information on Mary Clancy’s work visit


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