Arts in Health: Designing and researching interventions is a new book by Daisy Fancourt, published by Oxford University Press, which provides an overview of how to go about undertaking research and practice in the field of arts and health. The publication was officially launched at the Culture, Health and Wellbeing International Conference in Bristol in June 2017.

Fancourt develops a new model for what arts in health actually encompasses, drawing together seven different areas of arts in health practice, and positions the practice in relation to other related fields.

The publication starts by exploring the context for arts in health interventions, including the history of the use of arts in health and the theoretical and political developments that have laid the foundations for its flourishing.

Part II examines how to design an arts in health intervention, develop partnerships and find funding and considers the sensitivities around working in healthcare. Part III considers the value of research for the field of arts in health and how to design and undertake a research project.

Finally, part IV provides a fact file of arts in health research and practice, showing how the arts can be applied and the benefits they can bring across a range of medical disciplines.

The book will be valuable for researchers, practitioners, healthcare professionals and those interested in learning more about the field.

As an introductory offer and for a limited time only, the book will be 20% off through the OUP website using the code ACFLYP8.


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