Image shown: L-R: Sisters Kelsey and Shannon Redmond from the Rialto Youth Project.

Image shown: L-R: Sisters Kelsey and Shannon Redmond from the Rialto Youth Project.

Children and young people from Dublin 8 are taking part in an art project that will see a section of the hoarding erected around the new children’s hospital transformed to a design of their creation. This is the latest initiative by the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board to involve the local community in the development of the hospital. 

A group from the Rialto Youth Project were the first local group to work on the hoarding, under the tutelage of street artists Emmalene Blake, Gordon Rice and Lanni Power who are training them in street art.

Located across from the Rialto Luas Station, a 60-metre section of hoarding that now surrounds the construction site will be illustrated by the local children and will remain in place for the duration of the four-year construction of the new children’s hospital.

Emmalene Blake is the lead artist working on the hoarding art project, supported by Gordon Rice and Lanni Power. Together they will guide a number of groups from local youth projects through the creative process – from concept development to spray painting techniques and safety.

Street art transforms space and connects people, so we felt an art project connected with the hoarding was the perfect opportunity to involve local children in the construction phase of the new children’s hospital. It gives them a sense of ownership and helps to educate them about what the hospital will mean for their community.’ – Emmalene Blake

Watch a video about the hoarding art project here.

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