Kids’ Classics CLG in partnership with the Royal Irish Academy of Music present ‘Rhythm and Wellness: A multi-dimensional perspective’ on 21 September 2017. 

From our earliest attempts at communication as infants, through to assisting our capacity for sense-making in old age, rhythm can play a vital role across the life-span. Rhythm helps us connect to the world around us, to understand there is an ‘other’ out there, to express our emotions, and co-ordinate our physiological functions and responses. Beyond its effects on the wellbeing of the individual, rhythm can also work on a group level –encouraging co-operation, communication, and healthy social functioning. And beyond the group – does rhythm have a role in reconnecting society and the environment?

This talk draws from Dr. Jane Bentley’s PhD research into group musical interaction, and has been used in hospitals, workplace teams, schools, prisons, and with two of Scotland’s national orchestras. Most notably, it has formed the core of the community health-based drumming group ‘The Buddy Beat’, awarded the EPIC award for the best voluntary arts project in Scotland in 2012.

Join Jane as she explores a set of rhythmic tools, games and exercises adaptable for groups ranging from the most vulnerable to highly functioning.

Suitable for: Trainers, Therapists, Activity Coordinators in Healthcare or Community Settings, Community Music facilitators, Educators, and Musicians.

Date: Thursday 21 September
Time: 6.30pm-8pm
Venue: Royal Irish Academy of Music, Westland Row
Admission: €10 (booking advised due to limited workshop spaces)

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Dr. Jane Bentley is a drummer, facilitator, consultant and trainer specialising in music in communication, health and wellbeing settings.

The art of following | Dr Jane Bentley | TEDxGlasgow


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