Image shown: PHOTOVOICES

PHOTOVOICES is a collaborative participatory photographic exhibition exploring the experience of having a mental illness in the Midlands of Ireland in 2017. The exhibition will run from 2 – 13 October 2017 in The Atrium, Mullingar. 

This body of work is the outcome of a collaboration between the HSE Mental Health Occupational Therapy Services in Mullingar and Longford, Mullingar Mental Health Association, and visual artist Rosaleen Heavin, with all collaborators taking an equal participatory role along with mental health service users in exploring through the camera lens how mental health is actually experienced from the differing perspectives.

PHOTOVOICES uses the camera lens as a means of social engagement and exploration, examining how we as a contemporary society regard mental health, seeking to create awareness and reflecting to the viewer responses to mental health from different perspectives, questioning attitudes and preconceptions around mental health.

The official opening is on Thursday 5 October at 5.30pm, with Martin Rogan, CEO of Mental Health Ireland. All are welcome to attend.

Venue: The Atrium, County Buildings, Mount St, Bellview, Mullingar


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