Image shown: CREATION: The Art of Pregnancy and Birth

The HRB Mother and Baby Clinical Trial Network is seeking proposals for CREATION, a free exhibition hosted in Science Gallery Dublin in May 2018 and touring nationally. CREATION will explore, through art and image, deep insights and new perspectives into the world of pregnancy and newborn health research, from conception to birth, and beyond. 

The exhibition will highlight common pregnancy and newborn health issues and celebrate the impact of research on mothers and babies in Ireland and internationally.

Contributions are sought from mums, dads, visual artists, clinicians, researchers, graphic designers, statisticians, photographers, midwives, and everyone in between.

CREATION will examine topics and themes as diverse as maternal-fetal medicine to midwifery, preeclampsia to persistent pulmonary hypertension, diabetes to doppler scans.

We hope to ask questions like, what is the future of conception? How does a fetus develop in the womb? We want to broach complex topics like attitudes towards prenatal testing, the realities of life at the edge of viability, and the experiences of those who go through palliative care. We want to see beautiful images and art, from research or from life, of physiology, of scans and imaging, of cells and anatomy. We want to hear new perspectives on what life is like in the Neonatal ICU, or on living with postnatal depression. We want to celebrate the success and importance of research, like the vitality of vaccinations, the impact of new technologies, and the development of new treatment paths and medicines.

Deadline for proposals is 16 February 2018 at 5pm.

You can learn more about the exhibition, and submit proposals at


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