Image shown: Community of biro

Memento Aldi is an installation of Danny Kelly’s recent painting at deAppendix, a cultural space co-located with a suburban GP surgery in Blackrock, Co. Dublin. The exhibition will run from 23 October to 7 December 2018. 

Danny Kelly’s work elaborates a subjective sphere of heterogeneous features comprising tropes of painting culture and items of biographical significance. A protean topography traverses the work’s pictorial content, objective environmental and material properties, and interpreted public and personal cultures – intimations of chart music and domestic miscellanea. Dynamics of disintegration and consolidation alternate, suggesting an accidental crucible breeding ephemeral hybrids. A visceral, crudely drawn practice emerges – playing with cohesiveness, personal identity and public visuality – and is embraced as a pidgin chart music.

Exhibition Opening: Tuesday 23 October, 6-8pm
Location: deAppendix, 30 Ardagh Grove, Blackrock
Memento Aldi opening hours:
9.30am to 1.45pm Monday to Friday
3 to 5.30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.


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