Image shown: Life Expressions II at Roscommon University Hospital

Life Expressions II is an exhibition by Mote Park Artists at Roscommon University Hospital, running until the week of 4 March 2019. Mote Park Artists believe in the beneficial role of the arts in enhancing moods, emotions and general wellbeing. Evidence has shown that these benefits can be enjoyed both by the artist and the observer. 

This exhibition follows from Mote Park Artists’ very successful exhibition in Harrison’s Coffee House in November 2018.

Literature exploring the connection between arts and health tells us that ‘There is [also] evidence that use of art and music reduces hospital stays, with studies showing earlier discharges among patients taking part in visual and performing arts interventions than among those not doing so. In one study, surgery or critical care patients who participated in guided imagery or had a picture of a landscape on their wall had a decreased need of narcotic pain medication relative to their counterparts and left the hospital earlier. Evaluations of art projects can link the benefits of creative expression to healing and greater wellness.

It is hoped that this exhibition of work will bring joy to patients, staff and visitors to the hospital.

Mote Park Artists are Eilish Feeley, John Larkin, Marie Lough, Dee McKiernan, Nessa McMahon, Kitty Phelan, Christina Waldron and Jessica Wehder.

For further information on the arts programme at Roscommon University Hospital contact Margaret Flannery, Arts Director, Saolta University Health Care Group:


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