The second International Social Prescribing Network Conference on the theme ‘from system to local’ will take place 11-12 July 2019 at Marylebone campus, University of Westminster. This collaborative conference will provide an exciting opportunity to hear the latest research and thinking on the implementation and practice of social prescribing around the world. 

Attendees will learn how social prescribing is being implemented in Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Finland as well as understanding progress in the UK. The conference will also include the first exhibition of art from people who have used social prescribing in their road to health.

Keynote talks and breakouts include:

  • The latest strategic information and discussion from NHS England – James Sanderson, Director of Personalised Care
  • A comprehensive review of the evidence for lifestyle Medicine – Dean Ornish, Clinical Professor of Medicine, University College San Francisco
  • Social Prescribing in Canada – Health Equity and High Expectations – Kate Mulligan, Director, Policy and Communications, Alliance for Healthier communities
  • Welzijn op Recept/Social Prescribing in the Netherlands – Jan Joost Meijs / Miriam Heijenders
  • Implementation of social prescribing in community hospitals in Singapore – Tan Bee Yee
  • Presentation of new population-level data on the longitudinal benefits of the arts – Daisy Fancourt, UCL
  • Overview of the social and welfare outcomes of social prescribing that influence our health – Dr Marie Polley, University of Westminster
  • Workshops on aspects of social prescribing – economics, digital, quality assurance, and Allied Health professional
  • Panel session on models of social prescribing for children, young people and families
  • Meet the innovators – a chance to ask those who have been there, done it and got the T-shirt!
  • The latest research presentations and posters from the research community

Who should attend?
This conference encourages healthcare professionals, VCSE organisations, commissioners, policy-makers, academics, businesses and funders who are either already implementing social prescribing or who are interested to find out more. It will provide essential knowledge on the latest research, effective implementation and practice; opportunities to meet the innovators, view the latest research and very importantly, to network.

Booking information:

Call for abstracts 

Day 2 of the conference will focus on the research evidence associated with implementation and impact of social prescribing. Abstracts are invited on research which addresses the following areas related to social prescribing.

  • Wider Social Outcomes – research and evaluation that is capturing the impact of social prescribing models that are based outside of the health sector.
  • System perspectives and big data – research and evaluation of larger datasets of social prescribing, seeking to understand data at a regional level and beyond.
  • Children, young people and families – research and evaluation of social prescribing schemes that are aimed at children, young people and families.
  • Implementation of social prescribing – research and evaluation of social prescribing schemes that may be at a pilot or early stage.

Abstracts must be submitted by 1 May at 5pm.

Guidelines can be found at


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