Image shown: Burning Bright. Image by Aoife Frehan.

Burning Bright is Galway Arts Centre’s programme for older people. A showcase of artwork from the programme is taking place as part of Bealtaine Festival, celebrating creativity as we age, from 13-22 May 2019. Established 14 years ago and facilitated by professional artists working in nursing units, day centres and hospitals across Galway City, this visual arts project encourages participants to celebrate and engage in their own creativity.

Burning Bright is produced in partnership with and supported by Galway City Council and the Arts Council.

The Charms of Mervue – Sonas Day Centre Mervue, facilitated by artist Louise Manifold

The group developed work based off the value of old objects and heirlooms belonging to participants, to create a small living museum of the first residents of the Mervue estates back in the 1950s. Part of the project process involved working with an antique collector on the historical and product value of individual items (such as the china markings or history of a painting) alongside personal and sentimental values by each individual which make each object so important.

Happy Geometry – St. Francis Day Care Centre, facilitated by artist Amantine Dahan

This group has been working in a context of geometries, geometries that reminds them of happier times, other context and histories. Commonly looking at shapes and how they take us to other places in time, Amantine explored the sentimental value even a simple shape can take on.

Volunteers: Noel Costello, Eileen Ryan, Paddy O’Connor and Stephen Murphy

Hospitality – Croí na Gaillimhe facilitated by artist Cliona Ryan

This year the theme for this group is “hospitality”. That is, hospitality which naturally occurs in nature, with the combination of the futility of paper flowers offset against the grinding growths of wood. These patches that have been incorporated in the paper hearts are a contemporary twist on traditional crafting methods and again reinforce the healing aspect of human nature. Housed in Croi na Gaillimhe with the influence being on how people, both volunteers and attendees alike, pull together to offer warmth and hospitality to all who are housed within the walls of the building and the surrounds.

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