Cavan County Council Arts Office are seeking an Arts Consultant/CPD Facilitator as part of an action research project with young people based on the themes of resilience and emotional literacy. 

Cavan County Council Arts Office have initiated a network of key stakeholders following a well-established commitment to arts and health and young people over a number of years.

The Arts Office has been awarded network support funding by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs to improve outcomes for children, a Quality and Capacity Building Initiative (QCBI) supported through Dormant Accounts Funding.

The aim of the project is to strengthen and grow the existing network of key stakeholders: CYPSC, Cavan Monaghan Mental Health Services, social workers, teachers, leaders and facilitators, equipping them through learning, action/research and networking to identify needs, gather data, communicate outcomes and influence strategic policy to ensure that young people are supported through arts interventions to build resilience.

This approach will provide evidence of best practice arts-based approaches for early prevention and intervention for children and families. The project will hold the “Better Outcomes Brighter Futures” national policy framework in mind.

Action research will take place through specific targeted workshops for after schools and young people at risk facilitated by two professional artists.

Tasks and deliverables

It is expected that the Arts Consultant/CPD facilitator will:

  • deliver a workshop day/afternoon/session to the network of stakeholders which will include statutory agencies, arts facilitators, community and voluntary leaders.
  • consider the needs of the stakeholders especially those working with children/vulnerable adults, for example artist/facilitators, youth workers, social workers and the network.
  • provide/deliver relevant training material to the stakeholders. This may take the form of worksheets, do’s and don’ts, video clips, online links, PowerPoint, any relevant material. This may also be delivered in a creative way once the learning outcomes are clearly illustrated and can be evaluated.
  • be mindful of best practice for artist/facilitators/youth workers/members of the network and aspire to delivering CPD that supports best practice.

Consultants may respond to one theme only or a combination of the themes:

  • Arts and Inspiration
  • Boundaries
  • Arts and the Law

The overall budget for all three themes will not exceed €3000. The overall budget for one theme must not exceed €1000.

To be delivered between June and November 2019.

RFQ (request for quotation) deadline is 7 June 2019.

RFQ submission form and specification document:


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