Science Gallery Melbourne invites proposals from all disciplines and from all countries to explore the full spectrum of mental health for a new exhibition. 

MENTAL is a welcoming place to confront societal bias and stigma. It will immerse audiences in new research, art and ideas that provoke, respond, and adapt throughout the show. Curated with young adults for young adults, it brings together art, science, and technology grounded in research, evidence and enquiry.

Experimentation, provocation and research are at the heart of SGM’s values and programmes. This exhibition will explore the continual balancing act of our own psyche through the lens of artists, psychologists, performers, neuroscientists, designers, computer scientists, nurses, engineers, musicians, mathematicians, architects and young people. The list of possibilities is endless.

Your proposal could be a new or existing artwork, performance, workshop, digital intervention, research project, or other activity. It is strongly recommended to keep the target audience of young people aged 15-25 years in mind and consider including interactive or participatory elements. We would love humour to feature in the exhibition somehow in a kind and respectful way. That means a way of laughing together rather than at anyone in particular.

Who can apply?
Anyone. There are no restrictions on age, education level, research background, country or any other factor. Submissions are especially encouraged from young people and all First Nations people.

All kinds of proposals are welcome. As a guide, the majority of SGM projects are funded up to around $8,000 AUD which includes all artist fees, materials, equipment, shipping, travel etc. Proposals that come in below that budget are enthusiastically welcomed.

Extraordinary proposals for larger installations with a budget of up to $50,000 AUD are also considered, with a focus on experimentation and interaction.

Deadline for applications 
21 November 2019

Further information and application details:


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