Manchester School of Art is currently accepting applications for a new course, the MA Arts, Health and Social Change (beginning September 2020). The course brings those working in or interested in developing their skills in arts, health and social change together to learn from leaders in the field in the context of research and practice.

The MA can be completed over one year (full-time) or two to three years (part-time).

This course stems from the research-informed direction of Arts for Health at Manchester Metropolitan University, a leading research, advocacy and education centre, re-imagining and undertaking, multidisciplinary research into the fundamental questions about arts, health and social change. This ties explicitly to the Manchester Institute for Arts, Heath & Social Change. The programme benefits from the rich networks and strategic working relationships within Manchester, the UK and internationally.

Participants are invited from a range of arts and health disciplines and/or professional backgrounds which might include traditional art school roots and psychology and healthcare but may also embrace subjects from visual anthropology to the digital and literary arts. People with professional experience wanting to further develop their practice and theoretical understanding of the field will form a key cohort in this Masters.

The course is led by Clive Parkinson, Director of Arts for Health at Manchester Metropolitan University.

For further information and how to apply visit


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