Image shown: Pleasc

Pleasc, Fibín. A previous AIC Scheme Project Realisation award recipient. Photo credit: Seán T Ó Meallaigh.

In response to COVID-19, the Arts Council and Create have made changes to the Artist in the Community Scheme. The awards offered through the scheme enable artists and communities of place and/or interest to work together on projects. 

Round One: Accepting Research and Development Awards ONLY
Deadline extended from 30 March to 27 April 2020 at 5:30pm 

In recognition of the severe limitations in place due to physical distancing and the challenges this poses to Project Realisation proposals, only Research and Development Awards (both with and without mentoring) will be accepted in Round One.

Research and development proposals are particularly welcomed that consider digital and virtual space as a valid and essential arena for collaborative artistic endeavour. Proposals may, but are not required to, explore collaborative arts practice in a time of pandemic and physical distancing.

For this round only, in light of the difficulties posed for artists in the current crisis, R&D Award amounts will be increased.

Round Two:
Research and Development Awards and Project Realisation Awards

Deadline changed from 21 September to 27 July 2020 at 5:30pm

Collaborative practice is relational. The work develops because of direct and often durational encounters between artists and communities of interest and place. We recognise the challenge posed to devising collaborative projects in a time of physical distancing and the urgent demands on community development and civil society organisations to focus on immediate service provision. The Round Two deadline for Research and Development and Project Realisation Proposals is therefore rescheduled to 27 July. All award amounts revert as normal in Round Two.

For further information on the AIC Scheme and how to apply visit:


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