The Arts Council has launched a survey to capture the impact of Covid-19 on artists with a view to gathering information on what actions the Arts Council can take to support and advocate for artists in the short to medium term. This survey is for individual artists to respond to (a separate survey has been undertaken with arts organisations). 

This survey is for completion by professional artists. The Arts Council defines this as a person who identifies themselves and is recognised by their peers as an artist, who is actively pursuing a career as an artist in any art form, and who considers their arts work as their main profession or career. This applies even if their work in the arts is not their main source of income or they have other employment.

The survey covers:

  • work that has been cancelled or postponed
  • the financial impact on artists
  • the impact on work-spaces
  • the supports you need and the challenges ahead

Complete the survey here: 

This survey will close on Thursday 9 April 2020. 


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