Image shown - The Sea

Image shown - The Sea

The Sea, Is grá geal mo chroí was a three-month project with residents of Clonakilty Community Hospital, filmmaker Aoise Tutty Jackson and artist Sarah Ruttle that began in autumn 2019. The film was first screened at the hospital in February 2020 and an online launch took place on 9 April.

This project, delivered as part of the Arts for Health Partnership Programme, was a complex collaboration between the artists and participants, where the artists endeavoured to include the participants’ hand and voice in every aspect of the decision-making process throughout the development of the work. The resulting film is a poetic reflection on life on the West Cork coast – adventure, neutrality, caution and fear – as remembered by the residents of Clonakilty Community Hospital.

Residents of Clonakilty Community Hospital working with Aoise Tutty Jackson and Sarah Ruttle
Editor: Aoise Tutty Jackson
Music: Fiona Kelleher


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