49 North Street and The Happiness Ensemble are collaborating with filmmakers Aoise Tutty Jackson and Maggie Ryan and composer Liam McCabe on creating a collective response to the changing times.

49 North Street is a dedicated space in Skibbereen for creativity, recovery and wellbeing. The Happiness Ensemble is a music and recovery group that meets weekly at 49 North Street. Established by musician Peter Fitzpatrick, The Happiness Ensemble provides a space in the community where people can come together, play music and openly discuss their mental wellbeing.

The Tune In project invites the North Street community to stay connected through music, mindfulness and creative play. Using phones or other audio recording devices, participants will record and respond to a number of questions around the art of ‘Listening’ and ‘Tuning In’. Building on The Happiness Ensemble initiative, participants will contribute by making sounds/music using their bodies, found objects or instruments.

The work will be collated into two short films.

More information on the project can be found here:



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