New Irish podcast Let’s Talk About The Arts has revealed the impact of Covid-19 on the arts industry. Hosted by Fearghal Curtis and produced by Tall Tales Podcasts, this weekly show gives voice to leading industry names like Tom Creed, Stephanie Dufrense, Ranae von Meding, Tessy Ehiguese, Paul Ryder, Jason O’Neill, Gavan Ring and Loah.

Host Fearghal Curtis explains the motivation behind the podcast: ‘Let’s Talk About The Arts is a mission to uplift and support the arts industry and the artists working everyday to bring you the books, the articles, the music, the films, the TV programmes and the distractions that have got you through a very strange year, but have also been there for you your entire life.’

The idea for the podcast came when Curtis, a tenor with the Irish National Opera, found his work dried up at the start of lockdown: ‘Back in March, I was in a production of Carmen with Irish National Opera when the world was turned upside down. I found myself wondering what the future held for me as an artist, and I won’t go too much into the deep depths of my thoughts, but let’s just say it was a difficult time.’

Over the course of the show, each artist has revealed the highs and lows of lockdown and what needs to happen to support the arts industry moving forward.

Let’s Talk About The Arts is available on all major podcast platforms as well as on Broadcast by Tall Tales – a new platform featuring a mix of free and premium content:

For more information on Let’s Talk About The Arts and Broadcast by Tall Tales contact Amelia Cullen:


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