Image shown: ‘…the lives we live’ Grangegorman Public Art Book

Image shown: ‘…the lives we live’ Grangegorman Public Art Book

The Grangegorman Development Agency (GDA) was set up in 2006 to redevelop the grounds of St. Brendan’s Psychiatric Hospital into a new urban quarter for Dublin City, providing new facilities for the HSE, a new city campus for TU Dublin and new community amenities. 

Integral to the Strategic Plan was the provision for public art. Under the Irish Government’s national Per Cent for Art Scheme, the GDA allocates a percentage of the total budget of the government-funded capital project for the arts.

Since 2015, ‘…the lives we live’ Grangegorman Public Art has supported more than 30 public art commissions, ongoing projects and initiatives involving over 60 artist/groups and 50 organisations. To date, this has included contributing to 17 community-based projects where artists have worked with community partners within the Grangegorman project and the wider neighbourhood. It also includes four context-specific art commissions and the lending of artworks that are on public display.

‘…the lives we live’ Grangegorman Public Art book is a collection of experiences, perspectives and stories, recounted through visuals and texts by the artists, collaborators, and stakeholders who have engaged in the last five years of this phase of the Public Art programme at Grangegorman. The book was compiled and edited by Jenny Haughton and Lori Keeve, GDA.

The book has been published as a limited edition hardcopy. An online version of the book is now available at

‘…the lives we live’ Grangegorman Public Art has been about enabling genuinely important things to be said and shown. This has meant constructing partnerships between those who could authentically speak of lives led in the vicinity of Grangegorman and artists of various kinds who could shape what might be said, or remembered, into compelling and original expressions. ‘…the lives we live’ Grangegorman Public Art Book is a visual and written account of this journey and has been lovingly compiled by people who passionately participated in the public art programme at Grangegorman and who are committed to the cultural value of public art in Ireland.” – Prof Ciarán Benson, Chair of the Public Art Working Group

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