Participants of all ages, with and without a family history of dementia, are invited to take part in a study exploring how music can help people at risk of developing dementia. This study is being led by Dr. Catherine Jordan, Senior Atlantic Fellow, with a team of psychologists at the Global Brain Health Institute (Trinity College Dublin and University California San Francisco).

The Neureka Project aims to develop new ways of detecting disorders of the brain early. From mental health conditions to dementia, the researchers want to find out who is at risk and why, so that they can develop preventative interventions that can be used the world over.

To do this, the Neureka Project is taking research out of the lab and into your phone, through the NEUREKA app. To help the research team understand how music can help someone at risk of dementia, download NEUREKA and complete a series of short games and the music questionnaire in ‘About Me’.

Download the neureka app for free on the App Store and Google Play Store to participate:

For further information on the Global Brain Health Institute visit


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