Image shown: HARD CARE by David McGovern

HARD CARE is a socially-engaged art project by David McGovern making visible people, acts and places of care that sit outside the norm. An online project launch on 30 June will offer an introduction to the concept, with research and speculative direction outlined.

HARD CARE explores the fringes of care; that which is kept hidden from view or seen as deviant. It rejects care as soft and passive, and acknowledges the hardship involved in some acts of keeping well. HARD CARE proposes new language and aesthetics for care.

HARD CARE acknowledges the tenacity involved in living with chronic or undiagnosed illnesses, the potential care provided by sex workers, and the ability for any one of us to find care through unofficial sources. HARD CARE is a radical reimagining of how we view looking after each other and ourselves.

Launch registration
The project launch will take place at 7pm on Wednesday 30 June, delivered by David McGovern and facilitated by Amelia Caulfield. At the end of the event, the project will be open for participation.

Register here:

To learn more about HARD CARE, visit

About the artist
David McGovern is a socially-engaged artist and educator based in rural Ireland. He works with moving image, audio and text to create space for self-enquiry, reflection and speculation. Themes in his work include creative block, masculinity, memory, and queer futures. Dialogue and provocation are central to his work. He is interested in what is hidden and why we hide it. David shows work outside of gallery spaces to nurture conversation and foster more relaxed environments. These spaces have included a former kimono shop in Japan, a cocktail bar in London and an opticians in Dublin.


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