Marie Brett, Yes, But Do You Care? (the film) 2021, 11.41 minutes. Collection of The Irish Museum of Modern Art. Still courtesy of the artist.

Yes, But Do You Care? is a body of cross-disciplinary art works created by visual artist Marie Brett and choreographer / dancer Philip Connaughton in collaboration with members of the Dementia Carers Campaign Network. 

Exploring issues of autonomy, dementia caregiving and Ireland’s new capacity legislation, this multi-platform series has taken place in partnership with the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) and The Alzheimer Society of Ireland.

On 21 September 2021, coinciding with World Alzheimer’s Day, a behind-the-scenes documentary launched, edited by Lucia Pola. The documentary shares the responses of family carers, the artists and contextual advisors (in law, human rights and advocacy) to the creative process and the developing art pieces.

You can view this documentary and a live performance event film on the project website:

The filmic artwork, Yes, But Do You Care?, has been acquired by IMMA for the National Collection 2021.

A remarkable piece; honest, moving and powerful.
– Dr Francesca Farina, Global Brain Health Institute, TCD

It is a truly beautiful, astonishing piece of work. I think other carers will really be able to relate to it and see parts of their journey in it.’
– Judy Williams, Alzheimer Society of Ireland


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