The Culture-Breast in Psychoanalysis: Cultural Experiences and the Clinic by Dr Noreen Giffney (Routledge 2021) explores the formative influence of cultural objects in our lives, and the contribution such experiences make to our mental health and overall wellbeing. This new publication is the focus of a clinical seminar, taking place online on 9 October.

We are fed at the breast of culture, not wholly but to differing degrees. What happens to us emotionally and unconsciously when we engage in cultural experiences, for example, when we watch a film, listen to a piece of music, read a novel, or interact with a piece of art? How might the psychological workings of these cultural encounters relate to our earliest feeding experiences as babies?

What might our attachments to particular cultural objects tell us about ourselves? How might a new clinical concept, ‘the culture-breast’, help us to reflect on the transference-countertransference experience in the consulting room?

This event features a conversation between Noreen and Anne Murphy (psychoanalytic psychotherapist, clinical psychologist and visual artist) followed by a facilitated discussion with attendees.

Noreen Giffney
Noreen Giffney is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and a psychosocial theorist. She is the Director of Psychoanalysis +, an international, interdisciplinary initiative that brings together clinical, academic and artistic approaches to, and applications of, psychoanalysis. She lives in County Donegal, and works as a Lecturer in Counselling at Ulster University in Belfast.

Booking details 
Online event
Date: Saturday 9 October 2021
Time: 10am – 12pm
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Further information on the publication can be found here.


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