'Growhouse' by Marie Brett. Photo credit: Jed Niezgoda.

'Growhouse' by Marie Brett. Photo credit: Jed Niezgoda.

The Day-Crossing Farm is a large-scale immersive installation with live performance exploring issues of human trafficking, modern-day-slavery and drug farming, created by visual artist Marie Brett with a large team of contributors including people with lived experience of trafficking and forced labour.

To coincide with international anti-slavery day on 18 October 2021, a behind-the-scenes documentary film will be launched, together with access to an archive of Marie’s extensive research materials including: podcasts, trafficked stories, the law, trafficking and forced labour advocacy and support, cannabis growing, in the media, academic research, creative works and workshop activity.

The Day-Crossing Farm was commissioned by Cork Midsummer Festival and involved considerable research and input from specialists in social justice, health, human rights, advocacy, the arts and gardening. The work was produced in collaboration with filmmaker Linda Curtin, composer/sound designer Peter Power, and lighting designer Sarah Jane Shiels.

The work spanned two years, was part of a 10 country organisational network BPART, and was funded by The Arts Council, the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, Cork Midsummer Festival and Cork City Council.

Visit www.mariebrett.ie from 18 October to watch the documentary film, access the research archive, and view documentation of the multi-sensory and immersive promenade trail. This was sited over a five-storey Georgian townhouse and taxi-cab, combining audio-visual and interactive sculptures, live music and performance, composed opera, projected video, spoken poetry, plant-life, CCTV and sound and lighting design.


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