People’s Gardens in the Phoenix Park

The Office of Public Works (OPW) invites expressions of interest to create a HIV and AIDS national monument ‘to remember those who have died and mark their lives and contribution to society, while also showing solidarity with those living with and affected by HIV today.’

The site proposed for the monument is the People’s Gardens in the Phoenix Park which will be its permanent location.

A committee, chaired by the Department of the Taoiseach, was established to oversee the design and commissioning of the monument. The competition is being organised and administered on behalf of the committee by the OPW.

The competition is open to individuals and project teams and to professional and nonprofessional applicants.

This is an open competition organised in two stages:

Stage One
Comprises the call for Expressions of Interest to outline artistic concept and approach to be taken by applicants. The nature of the monument and the medium and format through which it is to be delivered is open to the choice of the applicant.

Applicants will be obliged to form alliances with qualified individuals who would provide the requisite artistic, design, technical knowledge and support to undertake the entire commission process. The jury will select a maximum of 10 applicants at stage one to be shortlisted to proceed to stage two.

There will be no fee for the stage one submission.

Stage Two 
Those shortlisted will be invited to develop their stage one submissions and to submit detailed proposals. A fee of €1,000 including VAT will be paid to the shortlisted competitors on receipt of stage two submissions that meet the competition requirements.

The jury will meet to evaluate the stage two submissions using the evaluation criteria for stage two of the competition. The competitor whose proposal achieves the highest score will be awarded the commission subject to ratification by the Oversight Committee.

The financial value of the commission will be negotiated by the OPW with the winner of the competition but shall not exceed €200,000 (including VAT and all applicable taxes).

Closing date for stage one submissions: 14 July 2022 at 12pm.
All queries in relation to stage one must be submitted to the OPW before 12 noon, Friday 8 July. All queries in respect of the competition should be addressed to

How to apply
Access the stage one brief and further information here:


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