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Music in Healthcare Settings is a three-day introductory course led by Music & Health Ireland, taking place from 26-28 August. The course is aimed at musicians in Meath and Louth who are interested in exploring the idea of bringing music into healthcare and community spaces with a focus on residential settings.

Music & Health Ireland (formerly Kids’ Classics) is a non-profit organisation that designs, manages and delivers professional music projects and programmes in healthcare, educational and community settings around Ireland. Music & Health Ireland expanded its programmes in 2013 to include Training Notes, a programme that offers training and mentoring to musicians and healthcare professionals.

This training programme is being delivered in partnership with Meath County Council Arts Office and Create Louth, the Arts Service of Louth County Council. The introductory training will be facilitated by Gráinne Hope and Liam Merriman, qualified trainers with national and international experience of working in hospitals and healthcare.

Aims of the Course 

  • To introduce a new skill set that supports musicians working in community and healthcare settings
  • To explore opportunities in this field of practice for working musicians living in Meath and Louth (e.g. versatile singers and instrumentalists such as singer/guitarist, harpist/singer etc.)
  • To identify musicians at a regional level who would be interested in pursuing further training in the practice of music and healthcare in the North-East Region.

The Training Notes introductory programme seeks to:

  • Understand the role of a healthcare musician and the appropriate placement of music in sensitive settings.
  • Explore the skill set and best practice methods necessary to deliver quality interactions in healthcare spaces and nursing homes.

The training includes a music visit to a healthcare setting (Meath/Louth) subject to settings clearance on the day of the visit.

Criteria for selection

  • Working Musician
  • Instrumental ability (accompanying, instrumental lead)
  • Portable instrument suitable for a healthcare environment and vocal ability
  • Good general mix of repertoire
  • Creative ability (improvisation, listening & creative response to groups/ individuals)
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • A desire to learn.

Course details
Dates / Times: 26-28 August / 9.45am – 4.30pm
Location: Creative Spark, Louth
Course Fee: €75* (includes a light lunch each day)

*Musicians from Meath/Louth can avail of this opportunity at a nominal cost of €75. This is made possible thanks to the generous support of Meath and Louth County Council Arts Offices.

Application Process
Closing date for applications: Monday 15 August at 5pm [deadline extended]

Applicants will need to complete this online application form:

As places are limited, musicians should apply via the above link with:

  • a written expression of interest as to why you wish to take part in this course
  • a short video demonstrating your musical skill (this does not have to be a studio recording)
  • your biography (a description of your musical life to date)

Please prepare and draft your answers prior to completing and submitting the online form.

Places will be offered at the discretion of Music & Health Ireland.

For further enquires contact Chloe at or on 085 2284153.

Updated 11 August


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