Outlandish Theatre Platform has been working with staff and clients at the Martha Whiteway Day Hospital in Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing (MISA) since 2021. The Comfort Zone is a spoken word choral performance co-created with participants at the hospital and Open Theatre Practice Ensemble.

The Comfort Zone will be screened at MISA’s Creative Life Centre on 10 October for staff, service users and visitors to mark World Mental Health Day.

What gives comfort and what doesn’t. Distance, protest, sex, addictions, love, relationships, food, textures. Not the same for you as for me. With Michael, Don and Gina we’ve explored comforts and discomforts and sometimes these chats were comfortable and sometimes not. But we agree. Safety, Care, Health, Laughs, Nature are within The Comfort Zone.

Maud Hendricks and Bernie O’Reilly from Outlandish Theatre Platform began working with Dermot O’Reilly, Clinical Nurse Manager 2, and Dr. Jeanette Golden, Consultant Psychiatrist, Psychiatry for the Elderly, of the Martha Whiteway Day Hospital in 2021, following a portrait poetry project with staff and patients at MISA. The collaboration will continue with a new project, Destinations, currently in the works.

The Comfort Zone Creative Team: Don, Gina and Michael, Venetia Bowe, Maud Hendricks, Sheila Murphy, Bernie O’Reilly, Dermot Reilly, Oli Ryan.

The Comfort Zone is supported by Creative Life at MISA, the Arts Council and Dublin City Council.

About Outlandish Theatre Platform
Outlandish Theatre Platform creates interdisciplinary theatre and inter-media projects with local communities and artists in Dublin 8 and beyond, exploring who we are within perceived cultural, national and global narratives.

Maud Hendricks and Bernie O’Reilly co-create intricate theatre projects inside and outside the boundaries of public institutions in a Theatre of Ruins, where the past, future and the now merge into fantastical fabulations.



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