Exploring mental health through theatre with Ella Skolimowski

People living with OCD are invited to come together to reflect on their experience of living through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Across two workshops, theatre maker Ella Skolimowski and creative psychotherapist Sinead Moloney will introduce physical theatre and dramatic writing techniques, discovering how our personal experiences can be transformed and represented through creative theatrical storytelling.

These workshops offer a safe, confidential and supportive environment for reflection and creativity. We’ll explore how we can use theatre to express and understand ourselves, and to share with others an insight into our experience of the world.

To join the workshops:

  • No prior writing or theatre experience is necessary.
  • You must consider yourself to be living with OCD to participate, and be willing to uphold the confidentiality and values of the group.
  • There will be an in-person workshop on 19 November and an online workshop on 27 November (more details below). You’re welcome to attend one or both workshops.
  • Spaces are limited. Please RSVP to ella.skolimowski@gmail.com by 11 November.
  • Please contact Ella if you have any queries or to discuss access requirements.

Workshop 1: Emotion and physical theatre
19 November, 2:30 –  5:30pm
Location: Arts Lab, Foley Street, Dublin
A live workshop exploring how gesture, movement and expression can be used to represent our personal experiences on stage. This playful, physical workshop provides an opportunity to devise a short theatrical presentation in collaboration with other participants.

Workshop 2: Transforming personal experience into dramatic fiction
27 November, 2:30 – 5:45pm
An online workshop focused on using our lived experiences to create compelling works of fiction. This writing workshop will develop your storytelling skills and guide you through the process of creating an original short script.

Download the information pack: https://www.artsandhealth.ie/assets/uploads/2022/10/Invite-Exploring-mental-health-through-theatre.pdf


Ella Skolimowski: I create dramatic writing about contemporary social issues and relationships. In my artistic practice I am focused on creating theatrical experiences that explore challenging issues in a safe, creative space. I’m interested in documenting lived experiences, and currently focused on exploring my own experience as a person living with OCD.

Sinead Moloney: I am an experienced creative psychotherapist, drama therapist, playback theatre leader and clinical supervisor. I’ve facilitated creative processes with cohorts in community and mental health care settings for the past 24 years. I have supported a range of collaborative artistic projects with a mental health focus, including working on new theatre, dance, and music projects.

Supported by the Arts Council and Dublin City Council Arts Office. 


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