Anam Beo, Still Lives, Still Alive. Artist in the Community Project with Photographic Artist Veronica Nicholson.

Mapping Arts and Health Across the Midlands is a new research report published by the Arts Office of Laois County Council and partner organisations Offaly County Council Arts Office, Westmeath County Council Arts Office, Anam Beo, Helium Arts, Music Generation (Offaly/Westmeath) and Waterford Healing Arts Trust (WHAT). The project was funded under the Arts Council Invitation to Collaboration Scheme.

Led by research consultant John O’Brien, the research was concerned with mapping a landscape of practice and provision. This involved teasing out a complex ecosystem of people, agencies, resources, policies and understandings in order to answer the key question: ‘how can we collaborate better?’ The question touches on a range of issues from funding sources and business models, through modes of engagement and choice of art forms.

The research leads to a better understanding of how the different parts of the ecosystem work together, and how they can be influenced to change the way we work together to create an effective and sustainable arts and health sector across the midlands.

Read the report:


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