The Arts Council’s Arts Participation Bursary Award supports individual professional artists working in any artform to develop their practice in the area of participatory, collaborative, community and/or socially engaged arts.

Who is this award for? 
The award is for individual professional artists who:

  • Have a track record of working collaboratively with individuals and groups that are not arts professionals, in the making and interpreting of artwork
  • Work in any of the following contexts: health, disability, cultural diversity, creative ageing, community development, other communities of place and/or interest
  • Demonstrate clear artistic vision and commitment to artistic outcomes in their work, alongside any other goals (e.g. inclusion, wellbeing, community development)
  • Ensure quality of engagement in their work (e.g. in the development, planning, making, presentation and evaluation of work)

What is this award for? 
The award is intended to support the professional development of practicing artists by enabling them to do one or more of the following:

  • Spend focused time working at their practice, including critical reflection and evaluation
  • Spend time researching/thinking about/developing a new idea for future dissemination
  • Spend time developing their technical skills in a particular area
  • Spend time developing/learning new skills related to their practice or area of interest
  • Spend time working with a mentor or collaborator(s) to develop an idea or to assist in developing or upskilling within a particular area of their practice or an area related to their practice
  • Spend time developing an idea in collaboration with a potential partner(s)
  • Undertake a short period of training by way of master classes or other professional training opportunities (whether national or international)
  • Purchase a limited amount of equipment and materials to assist with the development of their practice (Note: this can be no more than 15% of the value of the overall request for support)
  • Spend time undertaking a combination of the above activities

The maximum awarded is €20,000.

The window for making an application opens on 3 January 2023.
Closing date: Thursday 9 February 2023 at 17:30.

Guidelines and application process:


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