The PAINT project aims to undertake an international mapping exercise to identify the current provision of arts programmes for renal patients. The project is co-produced with a consortium made up of members of the Renal Arts Group in Queen’s University Belfast and project partners from Chong Hua Hospital, Philippines, Center for Arts in Medicine, University of Florida, Waterford Healing Arts Trust and the World Health Organisation.

The project aims to increase the international partnerships supporting the Renal Arts Group with potential for future collaboration and to identify policy recommendations for future development of arts in health programmes for renal patients.

The consortium plans to develop a policy brief outlining recommendations for dissemination to leading arts and health organisations and to programme a series of collaborative arts workshops with representatives from partner organisations.

Project Survey
If you are working in a renal unit, health centre or organisation providing arts activities to patients living with kidney disease, you are invited to take part in the project survey:

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