The launch of IMMA Horizons at IMMA: Sheena Barrett, Head of Research & Learning, IMMA; Mike Hanrahan, Singer Songwriter and GBHI Fellow; Maser, Visual Artist and mental health advocate; Bairbre-Ann Harkin, Curator of IMMA Horizons; Frank and Jackie Golden, IMMA Horizons participant and Dementia Carers Campaign Network member; Dr Kevin McCarroll BA MD MRCPI, Director of Creative Life, MISA and Consultant Geriatrician & Physician. Photo credit: Conor McCabe Photography.

IMMA Horizons: Lifelong Creativity for the Curious, a new initiative aimed at supporting health and wellbeing through creative programmes and experiences, launched at IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art) on 14 June 2023. IMMA Horizons will contribute to new thinking on how creativity can positively impact health and wellbeing through advocacy, partnerships and programming.

Extensive research has identified the role of the arts and creative engagement in the promotion of wellbeing across the life course. Building on the strong history of arts and health in Ireland, IMMA Horizons will contribute to new research and ongoing conversations in Ireland and globally, advocating for arts experiences to be recognised as an important part of a healthy life.

IMMA Horizons will provide free creative experiences and events for adults to meet and explore art together at a relaxed pace, in a sociable and supportive environment that encourages active participation by all. Its focus will be on participants in older age and those who are in a transitional time in their lives (moving into or out of a caring role within a family, changing job, experiencing job loss), but it will be open to all adults.

IMMA Horizons builds on the success of IMMA’s established Art & Ageing programme, including the Azure programme. Azure offers online and in-person museum experiences designed to support people living with dementia and their family, friends or carers, to engage with artworks.

The launch of IMMA Horizons is built on the strong foundations of IMMA’s existing Art & Ageing partnerships including MISA Creative Life at St James’s Hospital, the Azure Network, Age & Opportunity, the Alzheimer Society of Ireland and HSE Understand Together, as well as new collaborators including the Global Brain Health Institute and Arts & Health Coordinators Ireland.

Discover new ways of looking at the world and connecting with others, through facilitated experiences at IMMA and online:

  • In The Moment with IMMA Horizons: A new summer series of sensory themed workshops exploring art, place and wellness in the grounds of IMMA.
  • Azure Tours: Azure is a free experience designed for people living with dementia and their families and friends. During Azure, you will explore a selection of artwork from IMMA’s Collection with a facilitator who has received special training in dementia-inclusive arts programming. 
  • Talking Art invites participants to take a close look at artworks from the IMMA Collection and discuss exhibitions together, delivered monthly in the galleries and online for those who cannot attend the museum.
  • Talking Art Conversation Starter Packs highlight selected artworks from the IMMA Collection to guide conversations which can be followed with friends and family or used by Activity Coordinators within nursing home or other residential settings.
  • The Slow Art video series offers an enjoyable guided exploration of IMMA Collection artworks and includes a short warm-up, A Moment of Mindfulness, to help you relax and get into the right frame of mind for your virtual visit.

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