17 July - 30 August 2023




University Hospital Galway



Salthall Reverie, an exhibition celebrating a very special place, opens on the Arts Corridor at University Hospital Galway on 17 July 2023, presented by Saolta Arts and Galway International Arts Festival.

The Hare’s Corner Collective are four established artists living in rural west Galway: Sacha Hutchinson, Hilary Morley, Ursula Murry and Geraldine O’Rourke.

Salthill Reverie is a celebration of place viewed through the eyes of these very different artists using mixed media, paint and drawing.

Working in gouache & oil, Sacha Hutchinson presents a series of joyful images of everyday life on the prom, with an emphasis on the birdlife that lives there. Hilary Morley uses collage, observing the divers at Blackrock Tower, young and old. Ursula Murry looks up and looks down to present a collection of digital images that evoke familiarity with delight. Geraldine O’Rourke is a mixed media artist, presenting abstract paintings of sky, sea and nature. Her work focuses our attention on the magnificence of Salthill.


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