Tea, Chats & Tunes is a collaborative partnership aimed at connecting residents in nursing homes with their families through the power of music, which has yielded significant findings in a recent evaluation. The programme, funded by Creative Ireland’s Creativity in Older Age programme, has successfully transformed lives, strengthened social connections, and enhanced the wellbeing of participants.

Tea Chats & Tunes is a collaborative effort between Meath County Council Arts Office, Music & Health Ireland, and several healthcare partners, with the shared objective of addressing the challenges faced by nursing home residents and their families. By leveraging the power of music, the programme offered an engaging cultural experience tailored to the unique circumstances of healthcare settings, including residents with dementia, sensory loss, and mild cognitive impairment.

Music & Health Ireland, in partnership with Meath County Council Arts Office, has released the key findings of the Tea, Chats & Tunes programme evaluation.

Key findings include:

  • Enhanced Social Connections: The programme successfully rebuilt social connections among residents and staff, fostering a sense of community and improving overall wellbeing.
  • Person-Centered Approach: The Tea Chats & Tunes residencies emphasised co-curation, allowing residents to actively participate in the music-making process. This approach resulted in meaningful and personalised musical experiences for residents and their families.
  • Positive Impact: Families, healthcare staff, and residents expressed their appreciation for the program and its impact. The sessions were described as therapeutic, uplifting, and creating lasting memories.
  • Staff Training: The programme highlighted the importance of providing training and support for healthcare staff to enhance their skills in incorporating music in healthcare settings.

Tea, Chats & Tunes was made possible through a partnership led by Meath County Council Arts Office with Music & Health Ireland, supported by Healthy Ireland Meath, Age Friendly Meath, and funding from Creative Ireland’s Creativity in Older Age programme.

The Tea, Chats & Tunes programme is not only transforming the lives of nursing home residents and their families but also opening up new avenues for professional musicians in the region. The programme’s success has sparked potential partnerships for the development of a national ‘Music in Healthcare’ Training Notes programme.

The findings of the evaluation affirm the importance of Tea, Chats & Tunes in addressing the challenges faced by residents in nursing home communities and highlight the transformative power of music in fostering connection, wellbeing, and an enhanced quality of life.

Read the evaluation HERE.

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