Friday 19 January 2024


6 - 7.30pm


In-person: St Columba’s Hospice Care, 15 Boswall Road, Edinburgh EH5 3RW
Online: Zoom


Online only ticket: £5.00
In-person ticket: £15.00 (£10.00 student discount)

St Columba’s Hospice Care in Edinburgh is launching a series of talks in 2024 about the Arts in Palliative Care at their No.17 conference venue and online via Zoom. The No.17 Talks aim to offer a welcoming, critical and creative space for sharing practice, research and innovation.

The inaugural talk, Thinking sociologically about the arts in palliative care, will be delivered by Professor Tia DeNora, Professor of Sociology at the University of Exeter, on 19 January.

This talk draws on qualitative and ethnographic research projects around music and the arts in late and end of life in the UK and in Norway, in everyday life settings, hospices and care homes. Tia DeNora will use person-centred examples from these studies to explore the concept of palliation sociologically. The following questions will serve as a guide but the talk with remain grounded in examples and stories from DeNora’s fieldwork:

  • How does research and practice in palliative arts support fresh thinking about wellbeing?
  • How do palliative arts highlight the relational features of illness experience – the connections between how we feel, who we are and can be, and features of our social worlds?
  • How might palliative arts illuminate the art of healthcare and medical practice?
  • And how do palliative arts teach us new things about the arts writ large?

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Tia DeNora - Biography

Tia DeNora is Professor of Sociology at the University of Exeter. Her books include Hope: The Dream We Carry (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021), Music in Everyday Life (Cambridge, 2000) and Music Asylums: Music and Wellbeing in Everyday Life (Routledge, 2013). She was an Investigator on the AHRC Care for Music project (2019-2023) and is currently a Leverhulme Major Fellow working on Island Life and Death, an ethnography of the interrelationship between a hospice and its local community. She is a Fellow of the British Academy.


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