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Brightly Burning Flame: Justin Grounds and the Irish Doctors Orchestra.

An additional short ‘behind the scenes’ film can be viewed here:

Justin Grounds 
Justin Grounds is a violinist, composer and music producer based in West Cork. Justin has been a member of the Arts for Health Partnership Programme artist team since 2015, working as a resident composer in local community hospitals. Justin has produced five solo records and performs with Barefoot Baroque, the Vespertine Quintet and as a soloist.

Irish Doctors Orchestra 
Formed in 2020, the Irish Doctors Orchestra is an all-Ireland collaboration of doctors, medical students and healthcare professionals who are all classically trained musicians. Check out upcoming performances at

Cuairt & Cultúr 2019 at Simpsons Hospital, Dundrum: Niamh Lawlor of Puca Puppets provided a demonstration of puppet making and also co-ordinated an impromptu performance with the residents of the Hospital. Photo credit: Peter Cavanagh.

Beside the Sea

Joanna Hopkins. Image credit: Joanna Hopkins.

Joanna Hopkins, Orchard Day Care Centre, Bealtaine Artist in Residence in a Care Setting 2017.

After West of Sumer: Camelia sinensis, ‘Tea plant’, by Barbara Clemence. Native to China, Camellia sinensis is an evergreen shrub with yellow-white flowers. 

Catarina Araújo: Artist in Residence 2022 with Waterford Healing Arts Trust / University Hospital Waterford. 

Launch of Helium Arts Summer Showcase 2022. Photo credit: Andrew Downes, Xposure.


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