Addressing the imagined participants of an arts and health workshop, Marielle MacLeman draws from her experiences of working as an artist in palliative and chronic healthcare settings to reflect upon the values that underpin her responsive approach to person-centred arts participation. Click here to read Marielle’s perspective.

Marielle MacLeman is a Galway-based visual artist working across drawing, object-making and site-specific installation. She has worked widely in participative arts and health contexts including the development of long-term programmes for palliative care and haemodialysis, and public art commissions spanning community nursing, paediatric, and neonatal contexts. She has written and designed for publications including The Pattern of a Bird (2008), The Magician and the Swallow’s Tale (2013), and The Music of What Happens (2014). Her projects have been supported by The Scottish Arts Council, Glasgow City Council, The Arts Council of Ireland, and Galway City Council.


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