The Health Services Healthy Ireland Implementation Plan 2023-2027 encompasses four strategic priority areas:

  1. Embedding health and wellbeing in health service delivery
  2. Strengthening partnership and community working
  3. Supporting healthy behaviours from childhood through to healthy ageing
  4. Supporting staff personal health and wellbeing

Strengthening partnership and community working includes a specific action to work with Creative Ireland, the Arts Council, and Healthy Ireland in the Department of Health to identify and support key opportunities to strengthen arts and health in the HSE. The implementation of arts and creative initiatives that enhance health and wellbeing will be a key outcome of this partnership approach.

Actions for promoting mental health and wellbeing within strategic priority 3 includes the continued integration and scaling up of social prescribing across the health service, working in partnership with the community and voluntary sector, in line with the HSE Social Prescribing Framework.



Acute Hospital, Community Health, healthcare staff, Strategy


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