Arts and Health Evaluation: Navigating the Landscape is designed to support anyone working in arts and health to navigate the landscape of evaluation. Published by the Social Biobehavioural Research Group at University College London, a WHO Collaborating Centre for Arts and Health, this guide aims to provide:

  • An introduction to the landscape of arts and health evaluation, including what it entails, why evaluation is important, and different approaches to evaluation.
  • A comprehensive mapping of what arts and health evaluation frameworks and toolkits exist, supporting you to make choices regarding which resources are the most suitable for your evaluation.
  • Tips and advice on selecting or creating tools that align with the frameworks and toolkits that are appropriate for the contexts you work in.
  • Signposting to further resources and information that may support you in developing your evaluation.
  • A discussion regarding analysing evaluation data, how to action your findings, and how to engage meaningfully in dissemination and knowledge-exchange.

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Annabel Pilecka, Daisy Fancourt, Katey Warran, Norma Daykin

Social Biobehavioural Research Group at University College London


Arts and health, Evaluation, framework, mapping


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