Aporia, Sarah Tehan’s first solo exhbition, is on display from 23-27 April at SITEATION, Dublin. Presented as a series of alternative portraits, Aporia documents one person’s life with M.E. or myalgic encephalomyelitis through abstract representation, which reflect the contradictory nature of the condition itself and photography’s ability to capture it.

Aporia is an exploration of medicine, science, indexicality, philosophy and photography’s true representational nature. Drugs taken to treat the symptoms of M.E. are mixed with blood and saliva samples. Mould and bacteria are grown from these samples and documented through the use of camera-less photography. Working experimentally, Sarah uses analogue technology, pushing the boundaries of representation. Creating unique hand-printed images that demonstrate the links between art and science, Tehan produces work that questions the limits of representation in photography itself.

Sarah Tehan is a recent graduate from the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham with an honours degree in Photography. Her work explores representation within abstract photography, utilising scientific knowledge gained from her previously degree in Forensic Science from the University of Kent. She is currently completing her Masters in Photography Studies at University of Westminster.

Aporia is curated by Donna Kiernan
23 – 27 April | Opening: 24 April at 7pm
Artist Talk with Curator: Wednesday 24 April 6 – 7pm
SITEATION, 12 Little Britain Street, Dublin 7


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